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CLS was formed during a time of adversity by the directors and shareholders with the aim of bringing to market quality products and to offer a fresh approach with honesty & integrity being our core values. In so doing we want both ourselves, employees and customers to enjoy the process.

Unlike most of these sections on other sites, if you want to know about where we were born and our 100 years of experience! Then give us a call or start a blog......

The goals of CLS are to create and share ideas and new methods were applicable. That could be through sustainability both environmental and just as importantly economic sustainability, especially during these uncertain times.

We are proud to be assoccociated with CEDA and our route to market is distributor focused. Open dialogue between distributors and end-users is key to our success.

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We are Exclusive UK Importers & Distributors of products from the following companies and offer customers in excess of 3000 product variations to choose from: combined with bespoke solutions our product offerings are growing everday.




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At CLS, our focus is always on helping customers save time and money. In our industry, as in others, if a piece of equipment goes down then a fast efficient response is vital.

Through our Authorised service partner we have a nation-wide team of local engineers that have been factory trained on our product ranges. With an extensive range of vehicle stock enabling a high first time fix rate.

Chef Line Solutions Limited