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The term "restaurants" covers a vast area. Whether a hotel or take-away, quick service or full service CLS can offer solutions in all environments.

Our product ranges are currently being used by many of Europes leading companies along with well known international brands.

Moduline Solutions
Moduline products for restaurants from cheflinesolutions

YOU DECIDE! - The modular series that fits around your needs.

Moduline produce some of the highest quality catering products on the market that make food pre-preperation and holding more cost effective and versatile, with no loss of food quality.

Low & Slow cooking through the versatile Cook&Hold ovens, See your profits rise with more yield and a stress free kitchen. Moduline products provide the Chef and Restaurateur with extremely high quality food holding and food regeneration capabilities.

The design portfolio includes equipment suitable for the smallest to largest catering establishments. With no extraction required, simplicity of operation, no need for false water baths (holding products) and standard 13amp / 230v power supply requirements - the Moduline range is highly versatile and easy to use.

 Silko Refrigerators Click to view the Moduline product information, and contact us to discuss your requirements.

Silko Solutions
Silko products for restaurants from cheflinesolutions

Light catering products to heavy production mainline utilities

Silko are one of the leading manufacturers of cooking and food preparation products in the world today.

Attention to detail and design aesthetics combined with vast technological expertise results in product ranges for caterers that are both visually pleasing and highly productive.

From Bratt pans and kettles through to a complete range of mainline cooking equipment, Silko equipment provides caterers the tools necessary from the smallest to largest catering installation.

Click to view the Silko product information (above), and contact us to discuss your requirements.

AKE Solutions
AKE catering products from cheflinesolutions

From front of house to all your catering needs...

AKE are renowned for their high quality food counter product lines in the catering industry.

With both off the shelf and bespoke solutions available, AKE provide catering solutions suitable for all levels of service - from restaurant to quick service.

AKE consider the impact on the environment in all aspects of design & development; many product ranges have green options available. They are ideal for many catering environments including (but not limited to):

  • Fine Dining
  • Delis
  • Stadia
  • QSR
  • Fast Casual
  • Schools, colleges & Universities

Visit AKE for more product information, and contact us to discuss your requirements.

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